For my 1965 Ford F-350 I wanted to use a bedliner over the floor as it is rust free and I wanted a durable coating that could be hosed out and keep the moisture from the original metal. I chose Duplicolor that I purchased from and got a quart of it as the description stated that it covered up to 25 square feet at a 5 mm thickness. First piece of advice: wear gloves! I got it all over my hands when I poured it into the roller pan. Lacquer thinner kind of cuts it but it also seems to gum-up as you wipe it. If you roll it on, plan to discard the roll brush as you will not get it cleaned off.

I used a standard painting roller and was pleased with the texture. The base metal I’d already sprayed with Lizard Skin to insulate from the heat of the 7.3 liter diesel and it’s exhaust. I started by wiping it all down with wax and grease remover, then proceeded to roll it on. I know the floor of truck is not 25 square feet, but all I was able to cover was the step wells and the area where my feet will occupy. I will get another quart to finish up the area under the bench seat and go up the firewall a bit.

I’m pleased with the bedliner and the texture, I just wish they were more accurate with the stated coverage.